The purpose of the Georgia Food Safety Task Force (FSTF) group is to establish better lines of communication between all stakeholders - including federal, state, industry and local agencies - in order to ensure effective and efficient response to food defense and food safety issues, waterborne hazards and other public health problems. All members of the FSTF are volunteers who believe in the goal of an integrated food safety system for the State of Georgia. 

Currently, the group conducts two meetings per year, to discuss relevant national and state issues, including current issues that require a multi-agency response. Our focus is on food safety and defense. Food defense is a term used to describe activies associated with protection our food supply from intentional contamination. Food Safety is a term that describes activities associated with protecting our food supply from unintential contamination. Food security describes activities associated with ensuring the nation's population has a wholesome and nutritious food supply. Together, these four components make up "food protection." Topics of discussion during the FSTF meetings often include public health issues, foodborne illness and outbreak incidents and investigations, information/data sharing, uniform standards and regulations, food safety legislation, consumer education, training and certification and more. 

Active members of the FSTF include representatives from: FDA and USDA, both regionally and in the Atlanta District; Georgia Departments of Agriculture, Community Health, Education and Public Health; Georgia universities and colleges; the Georgia Food Industry Association, Georgia Restaurant Association and Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association; county health departments and various members of the food service industry.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us today.